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Process Overview / Individual Services

Our process has four major stages, which are all structured on an accurate discovery. The result is an aligned brand that is positioned to add value to life, rally employees and engage outsiders.

– Discovery is the process we use to pinpoint the things that make’s our clients brand’s unique, the unseen opportunities and beginning avalanches. Most people can’t articulate their wants, concerns and needs of a brand. Therefore it’s critical to engage the subconscious thought and behavior both internally and externally to build a solid foundation that will be that catalyst of great strategy. We do this by uncovering delivery inconsistencies, emotional drivers and desired opportunity.

Brand Diagnostic – A quick and efficient way to determine a brand’s performance. We map your brand(s) against a critical set of elements that “best performing” brands have in common to determine where specific improvement and work may be required.

Brand Assessment – A thorough approach to a deep understanding of the brand—its positioning, equity and appeal. We examine the brand internally and externally to determine it’s unique and leveragable attributes character and optimal competitive position.

Brand Evaluation – Qualitative and quantitative explorations of the brand’s true meaning. We get beneath the surface and understand which triggers drive consideration, purchase and loyalty.

– Strategy is about taking all factors into consideration with the goal of building a brand that wins a markets heart and choice. Consumers these days have plenty of options for any purchase or donation they desire. That’s why it’s critical to speak to both their tangible and emotional need. With this strategy brands are able to sustain a lasting relationship with its audience and reap the lifetime value from a consumer/donor. We do this by developing the character of the brand that will resonate with the audience and then building a number of campaigns to target new prospects, build loyalty with the base and encourage brand advocacy.

Brand Positioning
– Market share majority brands are proactive in communicating and delivering a claim of value. We define, develop and leverage the brands key attributes to drive top category performance while meeting the organizations objectives.

Internal Positioning – Delivery of the brand promise primarily depends on the people inside the organization understanding their individual as well as collective role in making it happen. Internally focused education and campaigns are developed to encourage everyone to “live the brand.”

Story Development – Every organization has a set of convictions that may have meaningful and compelling stories that can be articulated to create customer affinity. We work to identify and create the organizations stories, both internally and externally, that can be used to support and enhance the relationship between brand–customer and brand–employee.

ROI Campaigns – Knowledge, creativity and accountability are essential to any organization that wants to increase profitable growth. We break down your income streams into categories with defined targets and objectives. We then prioritize them by order of importance to your vision/bottom-line and build customized campaigns around a set margin being careful not to exceed a profitable conversion.

Loyalty Planning – Customers encounter the brand at many different “touch points.” Each of these encounters contributes to an overall impression of the brand. While some may be more important than others, we work to identify the highest value/highest return touch points and then engineer a set of controlled customer experiences that match the brand’s attributes at each critical encounter.

– Execution is where our client’s positioning takes form and begins to be told in unique and memorable ways. In today’s culture the visual language is more powerful then anything else in conveying distinction, style and the unspoken rules of the tribe. It communicates the manner in which an organization operates and tells the story of who they are and what they will be in the future. We do this through design, copy and photography.

Naming & Protection
– The name of a brand, product or service plays a critical roll in protecting an organizations value proposition. We start with a set of attributes that a brand has the permission to be known for and create names that have originality to the their category and maybe registered with the Government. We then work to secure relevant domain names to protect the brands online equity.

Brand Design Systems
– From brandmarks to packaging it’s essential for any well-positioned brand to be visually appealing. We design brand systems to be cohesive in typefaces, colors and imagery to maintain recognition in the midst of a crowded market. Every brand system is designed around a set of standards that are developed into a manual for our clients to internally use to regulate consistency.

Collateral Design – Once we develop the plan for your ROI Campaigns we design the pieces around the brands standards and the objective of the piece to move the market in your direction. Collateral design is a broad term that encompasses everything from brochures-to-environmental-to-fleet design.

Web & Social Media Programming & Design – Reaching a global audience or creating lists in record numbers to meet your business objectives has never been easier then now with the development of social media. Once we determine your online plan during the ROI Campaign we custom program and design your site(s). This maybe a flash, e-commerce, or a complex community controlled site that unites your clients.

Printing – The power of design is useless without a great print execution. Because of this we have become a print distributor for multiple print houses so we can ensure the execution of our client’s ROI Campaigns. It’s like having an advocate on the inside that has the power to influence on your behalf.

– Analytics is a reporting plan that is customized on an individual basis. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the client’s brand we are able to help navigate them through competitive advances and the ever-changing market to maintain a sustainable claim of value they can deliver. We do this by monitoring the brand's, market share, market preference, consumer loyalty and campaign profitability. These are the four main priorities that all other indicators are built around.

Performance Metrics
– To ensure the success and value of brand or campaign activity, we create a set of performance measures to gauge the effectiveness of the effort. This allows for adjustments and fine-tuning, as well as accountability.